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Our Team Oriented Approach

We have reworked the organizational structure of our church from a hierarchical system to a team leadership concept.  We want to empower individuals to be free to do ministry as opposed to having to get approval to act.  The hope is that this format will allow people at all levels of church involvement to have a voice and an opportunity to take ownership of their particular role in the church.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team provides a vital service for the pastoral concerns of our congregation, their friends and families, as well as those in our community.  Although our church believes each of us is called to minister to those around us, this team is the organizational center of pastoral care.  In addition to coordinating the Sunday morning messages, Mark Kimmet serves as Pastor of 3:16 CCC.

Music & Worship

Members of our Music and Worship teams use their gifts and abilities to minister to the congregation by the expression of worship through music.  These teams strive to create an inviting atmosphere that helps set the tone for our services.  Margaret Stout serves as our Worship leader.  


Throughout the week, our church’s prayer team members pray for our community, our church leadership, our church family, our missionaries and for any special requests.


The Administration team oversees the operational and financial aspects of our church.  In many respects, the Administration Team serves as the back bone of our organization providing much of the support necessary for many of our ministry groups to function effectively.  Eric Cubbage serves as our Administration team leader.


A central goal of our church is to help educate, equip, and empower individuals as they seek to learn and apply Biblical principles and Christian values for daily living.  Phil Cubbage serves as our Educational team representative and along with Mark Kimmet and Chris Leuz, teaches the adult class.  Kristen Cubbage and Cara Kimmet serve as our junior and senior youth leaders. Sandy Moyer, Glenda Cubbage, and Margaret Stout teach our youngest age groups.